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Brintons has been weaving carpet for 220 years, with substantial investment in it's technology and equipment. Continual investment has led Brintons to achieve colour, design and manufacturing excellence. Brintons are renowned for high quality genuine Axminster and Wilton carpets using 80:20 Wool/Nylon yarn blends.

Brintons woven Axminter carpet generally has a higher proportion of effective pile weight above the backing compared to tufted carpet. This results in a longer life expectancy. Woven backing, an integral part of the overall construction, also provides greater dimensional stability to the carpet.

Brintons carpets offer longer life expectancy due to the woven construction.

"You are only limited
by your imagination"

Brintons 2003 Range
All stock ranges are on display in our Brisbane showroom at Fashion Carpet Court.

Ashby is timeless in its subtlety and will transform a room of any size, traditional or contemporary. With six warm colours to select from, Ashby will leave a room looking its best.

Double Century IV
Inspired by the rich opulent Persian rug designs of the nineteenth Century, Double Century IV combines rich toning with classic design elements.

Espana is a contemporary range designed to bring style and presence to any space. The Espana range has been crafted to the highest quality materials.

Heritage Trust
Sculpt a piece of history in your home with Heritage Trust. With its distinct classical designs, Heritage Trust inspires sophistication, desirability and uniqueness.

Heritage Weave
Carpet hall runners were once considered to be the epitome of style. Covering floorboards they were designed to make an immediate impression on visitors as they entered.

The classic style of Highmont allows you to create the atmosphere and character of a bygone era. Highmont will make a magnificent statement of poise and charm.

Inn Vogue
This 80% wool 20% nylon axminster construction is ideally suited to fashionable pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and other leisure interiors.

Go back in time with these funky, retro and deco styles. Reminiscent of a less complicated era of lava lamps, bakelite and chrome.

Made to withstand years of the hardest wear, Regency is a classic carpet providing the highest levels of luxury, sophistication and style.

San Remo
Small, charcoal hued geometric shapes shapes sparsely arranged on contemporary colour backgrounds to evoke feelings of open space and style.

Vegas is a carpet like no other in this world, it's jazzy, vibrant and exciting. Vegas can be used to bring a pub or gaming room to life or give a small home theatre impact.

Wilton Craft
A fresh design for a new age - Wilton Craft offers the beauty of a modern design, with a subtle classical feel. When less is more, this ornately textured carpet will complement any contemporary environment.

Wilton Fabrique
Deeply carved and highly textured, Wilton Fabrique is a statement of unmatched style and beauty. It couples simplicity of colour with graceful design.

Wilton Trends
Natural elements provide the inspiration for Brintons Wilton Trends. With six distinctive colour ways combined with an attractive textured finish to co-ordinate perfectly with today's decor.




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10 Year Residential Guarantee

Brintons guarantees that its carpet will perform in accordance with the residential use and grading it has recommended. If during that 10 year period the purchaser reports a problem with the carpet and Brintons is satisfied it was due to faulty workmanship or materials or to the carpet not performing in accordance with its recommended residential use and grading, Brintons will, at its option repair or replace the faulty carpet.

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